Making the RFID World a better place with Inside

We recognizes that it is impossible to cover the entire globe with the level of service and commitment that it would like to provide and is committed to provide. To support our mandated high level of service we suppliment our coverage with partners who can offer high quality of service in different vertical markets. The RFID market is still maturing with exciting new developments happening that provide new opportunities for growth. Inside RFID Resellers and Systems Integrators are provided with technical support, exclusive markets in some cases, excellent pricing and leads from our web site and other lead avenues. Marketing with our resellers also provides additional market reach for all Inside RFID partners.

  • PervasID

    PervasID is a leading RFID technology company based in Cambridge, UK. It has pioneered the development of ground-breaking patented RFID innovations based on original research undertaken by the University of Cambridge.

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  • Marthinsen Trading

    A team of carefully curated of POS related hardware with long history in the market. Dedicated love to hardware, printers and payment terminals.

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  • Mojix

    Specializing in innovative open source technologies to create great web applications, sites and shops for their international clients.

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