Our world-leading RFID readers offer unrivalled tag detection capabilities, even if tags are densely packed, in difficult to read conditions, or constantly on the move. No other passive RFID solution on the market today can offer such accuracy, speed and cost effectiveness.


Poor readability and range limitations are preventing the widescale deployment of fixed RFID reader systems because they cannot deliver the high levels of accuracy expected in an IoT driven world.


  • Portal Ranger
  • Security Ranger
  • Space Ranger
  • Multi Ranger

Built from the ground up using award-winning patented technology, we’ve developed a portfolio of passive RFID fixed reader systems that overcome more than 90% of accuracy challenges. Field trials carried out to date have proven that our fixed RFID systems consistently outperform all other passive solutions, providing highly cost effective, scalable and easy to install alternative for all organisations across all industries.